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Dress sexy at my funeral

I want everyone to miss me when i die

I want all the girls to dress inappropriately sexy at my funeral

And throw themseleves over my coffin, clawing at the box

Wouldn’t really work if i’m in an urn

I sometimes think about who would be most hurt, who would cry, and be sad, who would cry but feel fine afterwards

When heidi died dan was already over her, they’d broken up two years ago.

When an ex dies, it must just feel like the past is over, and like the past is a foriegn country and all that, you move on.

I want to die just so i dont have to write shitty poetry to keep on living


Today i saw a girl get hit by a car


Walks down the street in 4-4 time
A ciggarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth at an angle i consider romantic
Looks like she is going somewhere but seems to be completely unconcerned by how long it takes her she
Turns heads and doesnt seem to notice that she does
Zoom. The world stops and a second later so does the car